Complicaciones perinatales de la prematuridad

Mayo 2022





8.- Apnea of Prematurity

Apnea of prematurity is defined as respiratory pause for more than 15–20 seconds, or when associated with bradycardia (≤ 80 beats minute) and desaturation
(SpO2 ≤ 80%) for a period ≥4 seconds in PT newborn. Apneas for more than 15–20 seconds with SpO2 ≤ 80% can lead to short- and long-term complications.

PT newborns with GA <32 weeks are a group of risk [3]. In short term, these episodes may decrease systemic blood pressure and cerebral perfusion causing hypoxemia and ischemia to the brain. Hypoxemia episodes can damage the immature and  affect the developing brain. Although sudden death is three times more frequent in preterm infants, the current literature does not show a direct relationship with apnea of prematurity [3].